Business Profile

An outstanding IT professional with about 20 years hands-on experience in key development of Core Bank Automation Software in relation to database management systems, Security Guarding Solutions, Statistics and Analysis Projects for Medical Services, Analytical Products for broad range Business Management. Expertise covers building framework platforms modifying actual IT technologies along with creation of new mechanisms to streamline various business models successfully applying them for B2C and B2B, for more than 100M+ users, for various company sizes internationally and in CIS. Educational background includes Ph.D. in Computer Science and graduation from Skolkovo State-Founded School of Business Management. Highly innovative with a strong will to achieve set objectives and best results.


In order to do my job well, I follow a set of principles in software solutions development that listed below.

  • Speedy

    High performance, low usage resource technologies are used to make solutions pure.

  • Safe

    I care about usability and data.

  • Stable

    I do all of my best to avoid any unstable behavior.

  • Secure

    I care about your data and usage security.

  • Solid

    One solution – one package.

  • Small

    The solutions usу only minimum necessary system resources on your devices or sites. No any extras.

  • Smart

    I care about value for you.

  • Sincere

    I always provide only declared features and don’t do any hidden operations.

  • Strong

    I try to create powerful solutions that cover all your needs.

  • Skillful

    I try to provide wide specter of features.

  • Sensible

    I care about usability to minimize interaction effort.

  • Serious

    I produce professional solutions without any annoying extras.


I’ll be glad to get any comments according to my products.

Russia, Moscow, Bryanskaya st, 2