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Also we provide publications that consist of advice and 'How To' to help in different situations.

A picture containing text, computer Description automatically generatedHow to setup free own mail server
If there is a need to create your own email server for your company or personal use for free (it’s actual for small businesses) so this information gives the point of interest. As a result, the mail can be sent over the world via your free mail server for...Read More
stay-always-connectedStay always connected without extra payment
Being always online is very important today. Many of us have a set of devices that should be connected. Sometimes we use our devices or share connection with family, friends and colleagues. We face it everywhere while traveling, flying, resting, partying ...Read More
bluetooth_in_macHow to add Bluetooth to PC in Mac desktop or laptop
What is Bluetooth technology? It allows us to connect different types of equipment without any cables or wires. It might be used when we want to join headphones or microphones to our computer, to use a wireless mouse or keyboard with it, to use our mobile...Read More
how-make-multipage-websiteThree steps to create a website with multi-pages
How to make a website yourself, and even for free? You always have to start somewhere. This topic will be about sites, and not about landing pages (landing pages), although filling them is not a problem. If you need a website that involves filling with va...Read More
windows-xp-developmentWindows XP Development
Our company still supports Windows XP. Why? It’s a fast, stable and secure (with appropriate settings) operating system. There are still users that looking for Windows XP software for their old PCs and laptops. Furthermore, some companies have this operat...Read More