New version 2.18 releasedAccelerator for WordPress

Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor and quality improvements. See below. To enable Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor, please, use the corresponding option in the settings and don’t forget to update the cache of related pages.

And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

Last changes#


  • Delayed click settings.
  • Lazy loading of Elementor's background videos.
  • Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor.


  • JS error if 'touchend' listener uses 'changedTouches' field.

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  1. Valik Khmelnitsky

    Thanks for the super plugin, looking forward to more updates and detailed videos on what the settings are for. It seems that the manual does not fully clarify the purpose of deep settings.

    1. Admin

      Yes, there is a need to give video help from our side. There are some common points that should be explained detailed.

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