How to set up external Cron for siteWordPress

Settings are made on the hosting and if needed on the site. If not done on the site, then external Cron will work as an additional and stabilize/ensure the timely completion of tasks.

Hosting setup#

On the hosting, in the task schedule settings, add a periodic (for example, once a minute) call to the site page https://<yoursite>/wp-cron.php should be added.

For example, here’s what the task schedule settings look like on Fornex hosting. It is needed to create a task to execute wget -O - -q -t 1 https://<yoursite>/wp-cron.php.

Note. In the case of WordPress in multi-site mode, it is enough to create a task for the main site only.

Site setup#

In the site’s configuration file “wp-config.php” it is needed to add directive define( 'DISABLE_WP_CRON', true );.

For example:

define( 'DISABLE_WP_CRON', true );
define( 'WP_CACHE', true );
* The base configuration for WordPress

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