SettingsBulk Discounts for WooCommerce for WordPress

Here you can set general settings, activate the plugin by obtained license key, rate the plugin, view additional information and get support.


  • Common
    • Undiscounted price visibility

      For some reason, the undiscounted price view may be turned off, so it won’t be visible on cart and checkout pages.

    • Update data dynamically in products

      When quantity is changed all discount information will be displayed immediately in the product.

  • Sale price
    • Apply as the sale price

      Discount will be displayed as the sale price. E.g., it’s needed for compatibility with some plugins.

    • Show original sale separately

      Displays base sale flash and bulk discount flash separately. It also influences to discount table.

    • Show original variable price separately

      Displays a current price range as discount to original one.

  • Total price

    Shows total price preview in a single product in the specified positions. The label can be overridden and localized.

    • Include cart

      Includes quantity in cart.

    • Immediately on load

      Shows information when the product has just been viewed instead of after quantity has been changed.

  • Nearest discount

    Shows the nearest discount in the products. The template can be overridden and localized. Localization parameters: %1$s – count to next discount, %2$s – discount, %3$s – minimum count for discount, %4$s – discount per item.

    • Immediately on load

      Shows information when the product has just been viewed instead of after quantity has been changed.

  • Discount table

    Shows discount table in the products. The table elements templates can be overridden and localized. E.g., to show discounted price the template for ‘Range from/to’ can be set to ‘From %1$s to %2$s by %3$s each’ and the template for ‘Range to’ can be set to ‘To %1$s by %2$s each’. View can be customized as well.

  • Periodical prices

    It is available only if subscriptions are active and allows normalizing different periods’ prices to the chosen period. E.g., if product subscriptions have prices per 1 month and 1 year, they can be converted to 1 month to be comparable for the users.

  • Calculation mode
    • First match

      If there is a need to choose an appropriate discount according to the position in the discounts list, this calculation algorithm should be set.

    • Best discount

      Is a default option in the premium version and it chooses the best discount from the discount list.

  • Discount profiles

    It allows defining common profiles that group products by some criteria that will be applied by a defined discount list in each profile.

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