acceleratorNew version 2.6 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Caching headers, style's separating imports, comment exclusions from minification, and quality improvements. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress. New features. Caching particular headers. Style's separating impor...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.5 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Now the speed of rich content pages with large DOM size can be effectively increased by the new HTML lazy load optimization. Each page can be configured to delay load of large HTML parts. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress...Read More
post-no-imageFragmented cache - Accelerator for WordPress
We almost always pay for hosting space. And, the fewer data, the faster access to it. This means that the loading of pages will be faster. Selection of identical blocks. Because site pages are quite similar to each other (they have common parts such as he...Read More
post-no-imageEffective data revalidation - Accelerator for WordPress
The cache needs to be updated because data changes. And this should be done with minimal costs. It strongly affects First Contentful Paint (FCP), because determines the time until the first byte is received from the server. Resistant to high loads. When t...Read More
post-no-imageHow does it work - Accelerator for WordPress
20 years of IT expertise and more than 3000 hours of work have been invested in the creation of this product. And each day we continue technologies development and quality improvements of the product. Real optimization. The latest optimization technologie...Read More