post-no-imageKnowledge Base - WordPress
All the known special cases that you may encounter while using our products under WordPress are concentrated here. The full list of cases is in the navigation tree.Read More
post-no-imageChange hotspot method - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
In most cases, there is no need to do this. By default, the product sets the most appropriate method for a particular operating system version. But sometimes it may be necessary to use the specific properties of a particular method. The available methods ...Read More
post-no-imageSet shared network - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
By default, the product selects the most suitable network. But it can always be changed if it is selected incorrectly. Note: On Windows 7 and higher systems, you can select the Wi-Fi network itself as a shared. In this case, a connection to an external Wi...Read More
post-no-imageAuto-configure - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
The product has an important auto-configuring function, which allows you to configure the entire system environment with one click, both when changing adapters, or when there are some malfunctions in the system settings. To use it, you need to click on th...Read More
post-no-imageSet Wi-Fi name and password - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
It is better to set the name of the Wi-Fi network so that it can be easily found on the connected device. By default, the network name consists of the computer name plus the suffix “-WIFI” for easy recognition. The default password is automatically genera...Read More