acceleratorNew version 2.19.10 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Fixed possible 'A-HREF' in URLs in 'a' HTML tags. The initial issue is coming from ‘DOM’ library of PHP. It recently changed behavior of processing ‘href’ of ‘a’ tags. Now we adapted our code to support that. For sure, please, update Accelerator to the la...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.18 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor and quality improvements. See below. To enable Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor, please, use the corresponding option in the settings and don’t forget to update the cache of related pages. And you can always ...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.17 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Fast optimization of styles during self-learning, extended page exclusions, improved managing, and more. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress. Improvements. Checking dependent parts of the cache. Fast optimization...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.16 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Scheduled cache update and quality improvements. Now particular times with various periods can be defined starting from minute and ending to year. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress. New features. Scheduled cach...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.10 released - Accelerator for WordPress
The new background images adaptation to screen sizes feature decreases images size on smaller screen sizes like mobiles. It is better to show smaller images on smaller screens to decrease network traffic and increase loading speed. You can always see full...Read More
post-docx-sourceNew version 2.16 released - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Functionality and quality improvements. See the details below. And you can always see full change log of Post .DOCX Source for WordPress. Improvements. Direct link to download full version in upgrade message. If EULA is not accepted then showing minimal U...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.9 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Now custom URLs can be added while cache updating. Also, they can be added via special expressions that allow e.g. update only pages of specified post type with vary arguments. And now you can set custom sitemap URL as well. And you can always see full ch...Read More