post-no-imageImages - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Images also can be auto-uploaded. It’s fully processed if a particular option is set. Left, center, and right alignment is supported. Left and right wrapping is supported. Centered is partially due to HTML limitation rather than DOCX format. It can ...Read More
post-no-imageLinked external media - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Linked external media requires folder choosing due to browser security limitations. Please, choose the folder that contains all needed media files that might be contained in subfolders too. So, the particular files will be got from there automatically whi...Read More
post-no-imageMedia - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Media are supported as embedded and as linked. See here how to add images more accurately. Upload. Media can be uploaded immediately while conversion if the appropriate mode is checked (see picture above). Embedded media are uploaded always rather than ex...Read More
post-no-imageBody - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
The top content of the document (.DOCX) is used for the post body. The bottom content can be used for other attributes. There is a sample document that demonstrates the most of markup features. The body can contain standard HTML compatible elements that w...Read More