post-docx-sourceNew version 2.3 released - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
More power! Formulas, crop and resize images, Google Docs direct link support. Full change log: Post .DOCX Source for WordPress. New features. Math formulas support. Improvements. Batch mode: Total status after processing. Fixes. Script localization is mi...Read More
how-set-ms-word-document-propertiesHow to view and change Microsoft Word document properties
All document’s properties are located under the ‘File’ menu tab in the ‘Info’ section (MS Word document information panel). Look at the picture below. INTERESTING!Did you know that you can use familiar MS Word or Google Docs to create site’s content via W...Read More
post-docx-sourceNew version 2.0 released - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Now it’s more simple in use and more powerful! See below. And you can see full change log of Post .DOCX Source for WordPress. Behavior changes. Additional attributes should be marked with a special style instead of ‘Header 1’. New features. Blockquotes su...Read More