acceleratorNew version 1.3 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Amazing smart styles’ optimization that significantly increases site speed, scripts’ loading speed improvements, and more. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress. New features. CSS smart splitting. Improvements. CSS...Read More
post-no-imageCache settings - Accelerator for WordPress
One of the most important settings blocks for the WordPress cache system. Enable. Enables or disables the whole WordPress cache system. Note that WordPress content optimization is controlled by the ‘Enable content processing’ option independently. Lazy re...Read More
post-no-imageXPath elements selector - Accelerator for WordPress
An XPath selector is a powerful language to choose the specified set from the tags tree. While developing this product we wanted to use CSS selectors that simpler and more often use. But CSS doesn’t allow to choose the item by index. Therefore, we decided...Read More
post-no-imageTroubleshooting - Accelerator for WordPress
This is the most common type of problem. The site is working, but the pages are experiencing incorrect markup or wrong behaviour when interacting with the site. Basically, this is the wrong work of java scripts and initially broken markup on the site, whi...Read More
post-no-imageStatus and operations - Accelerator for WordPress
The product is designed as an automatic WordPress optimization engine and it starts working just after installation. But sometimes it still needed to be fine-tuned or troubleshot on particular sites. Here you can see the overall working status of the Word...Read More
post-no-imageStatistics - Accelerator for WordPress
It’s one of the best cache plugins for WordPress, maybe the most – the decision is on your side. The product has been specially tested before it was released on 72 sites with a different purpose, layout, structure, and a set of 3rd party plugins including...Read More
post-no-imageDifferent views cache settings - Accelerator for WordPress
The purpose of that settings is to provide correct caching of some environment depended on views such as current language, device type, etc. But excluding user-dependent data that can be tuned in the related setting’s part. Separate by below criterias. En...Read More