acceleratorNew version 2.18 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor and quality improvements. See below. To enable Support for Gallery Widget of Elementor, please, use the corresponding option in the settings and don’t forget to update the cache of related pages. And you can always ...Read More
post-no-imageServer and cloud settings - Accelerator for WordPress
Allow cache. It allows a page content to be cached by intermediate part of chain like server, external CDN, and clouds by setting Cache-Control directive. Update cache (if available). Currently supported ones (if specified): CloudFlare With using special ...Read More
post-no-imageLazy HTML - Accelerator for WordPress
It is mostly helpful when pages have huge DOM size. No any other optimization plugin provides that technology. But it requires manual setting up. After optimization defined page’s parts become inactive and invisible for DOM parser until they are not shown...Read More
post-no-imageSelf-learning - Accelerator for WordPress
It is a special developed proprietary technology that works while optimization process and generates specific optimization’s data for particular page structure and uses it in optimizations of other pages with the same structure. This allows to reduce the ...Read More
post-no-imageContent groups - Accelerator for WordPress
It is a list of content groups allowing changing common settings and setting self-learning parameters depend on specified content’s scope. When groups are applied to particular page the first scope match will be chosen. Also, scopes matches independently ...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.17 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Fast optimization of styles during self-learning, extended page exclusions, improved managing, and more. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress. Improvements. Checking dependent parts of the cache. Fast optimization...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.16 released - Accelerator for WordPress
Scheduled cache update and quality improvements. Now particular times with various periods can be defined starting from minute and ending to year. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress. New features. Scheduled cach...Read More
post-no-imageCache revalidation settings - Accelerator for WordPress
One of the most important settings blocks for the WordPress cache system. Lazy revalidation. Allows updating the content in the background without being noticed by users and search engines, while maintaining the maximum speed of the pages. Very relevant t...Read More
acceleratorNew version 2.10 released - Accelerator for WordPress
The new background images adaptation to screen sizes feature decreases images size on smaller screen sizes like mobiles. It is better to show smaller images on smaller screens to decrease network traffic and increase loading speed. You can always see full...Read More
post-no-imageRevalidation expressions - Accelerator for WordPress
An expressions can be used in Revalidation Posts and All update dependencies. Such expressions allow to define page scopes or page sets to be operated. Each subsequent expression part is separated by : symbol. Also, there are manual enumerations that sepa...Read More