New version 2.0 releasedTyping Assistant for Windows

Build-in translator and correction based on hundreds of thousands of words. See below. And you can see full change log of Typing Assistant for Windows.

Last changes#

New features

  • Contextual selected text translation in any application.
  • Translation with preserving text formatting.
  • Translator with provider support.


  • Abbreviation switching - only if typed in capital.
  • Added dictionaries EN, RU, DE.
  • Installer's wizard: the page for sending correctable words.


  • Adobe products: Changing the layout of the selected text inserts the last value from the clipboard.
  • Auto switch inside the typed word.
  • Balloon on controls sometimes disappears immediately.
  • Case sensitive words are not case sensitive.
  • Checkboxes do not end phrases under Classic OS style.
  • Console: Current keyboard layout not detected.
  • Does not switch layouts again on selection.
  • Doesn't work in Adobe products.
  • EULA for RU not in Russian.
  • Edge: The current layout is always defined as 'en'.
  • No auto-switch when erasing already entered characters through Backspace.
  • On some systems, auto-switching layouts does not have time to work.
  • Outlook: When changing the first letter in the bullet, a warning about multilingual input is shown.
  • Password entry fields not detected.
  • PowerShell: The current layout is always defined as 'en'.
  • VMWare: Processes clicks inside a VM.
  • When uninstalling immediately after installation, the EXE is not unloaded.
  • White background under RichText on dialog.
  • Win7 x64: click on balloon does not work.

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