New version 2.1 releasedTyping Assistant for Windows

More translation providers, clipboard manager, self-learning of auto-switching, and quality improvements. See below. And you can see full change log of Typing Assistant for Windows.

Last changes#

Behavior changes

  • Translator: Google (Demo) closed by provider and removed from the list.
  • Translator: Yandex limited by provider due to end free access.

New features

  • Clipboard manager.
  • Disable switching in full screen applications.
  • Switch raw HTML right in the window.
  • Words and apps exclusions.


  • All hotkeys have a disable setting.
  • KB: Problem resolving mode.
  • Saving data from the explorer to the clipboard.
  • Security improvements.
  • Translation error notification is now directly in the window.
  • Translator: Added Microsoft Provider.
  • Translator: Added provider Intento.
  • Translator: Added provider PROMT.
  • Translator: Input preview enable option.
  • Translator: Manual translation button.
  • Translator: auto-detect language is now a separate setting.
  • Translator: cookies and headers have been added to the parameters of the translator function.
  • Translator: in MS Word, the language of the translation is set for the text.
  • Translator: Добавлен провайдер Lingvanex.


  • Case does not switch in translation window.
  • Changing case sometimes overwrites characters.
  • Crash when getting error text from the system that contains placeholders.
  • Crash: Text link disappear while processing command.
  • Entering a password erases characters in Dashlane.
  • Hanging on copying in the MS Visual Studio search box.
  • If open two contextual translators, the first translates only after closing all subsequent.
  • Jump during correction to the next table cell in Word.
  • Kernel: Null values cause to wrong memory cleanup.
  • LinkedIn messenger: pasting translated selected text doesn't work.
  • No translation of mixed content.
  • Regular strings have no precedence over abbreviations.
  • The letter C is inserted instead of the action, if you quickly release Ctrl.
  • Translation of text is sometimes not taken from the selection.
  • Translation of text sometimes doesn't apply to selection.
  • Translator: HTML with special symbols is translated not correctly.
  • Translator: Hash tags processing.
  • Translator: Incorrect processing of own special characters.
  • Translator: Non standard empty HTML tags are moved from it's parent.
  • Translator: Sometimes links contain untrimmed spaces.
  • Translator: Sometimes the language does not switch in the application.
  • When autoconverting, sometimes the first character remains.
  • WinXP: Crash: sprintf float and double formatting.
  • Windows shows SmartScreen protection window and blocks run.

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