New version 1.1 releasedWi-Fi Hotspot for Windows

Now, automatic configuration fully installs the system environment for your convenience. Hotspot type (method) now can be chosen. Full compatibility from last versions of Windows 10. Also, stability is greatly improved. See below. And you can always see full change log of Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows.

Last changes#

New features

  • Lite VPN intergation.
  • Turning on disabled Wi-Fi and Shared devices.


  • Applying sharing significantly improved.
  • Auto-refresh connections.
  • Special tray icon for Windows 10.
  • Wi-Fi Direct support (Windows 10).


  • Checkboxes do not end phrases under Classic OS style.
  • Crash when getting error text from the system that contains placeholders.
  • Crash: Text link disappear while processing command.
  • Crash: Windows 10 set sharing.
  • Handle error is shown if service was restarted.
  • Hosted Network sometimes doesn't start.
  • If Hosted or Direct adapters are disabled, then HotSpot doesn't start.
  • If HostedNetwork has been never inited, large number of maxpeers might be saved incorrectly.
  • Inactive adapters interfere with DHCP configuration.
  • Incompatibility with Windows 10 Tehtering.
  • Kernel: Null values cause to wrong memory cleanup.
  • Link UrlWlanPackage isn't actual.
  • When saving sharing settings, sometimes it gives an error 0x80040201.
  • When uninstalling immediately after installation, the EXE is not unloaded.
  • Windows 10: Connlim not saved in Hosted Network.
  • Windows Vista: Sometimes hotspot system settings are not readable.
  • Windows shows SmartScreen protection window and blocks run.

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