New version 2.16 releasedPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

Functionality and quality improvements. See the details below. And you can always see full change log of Post .DOCX Source for WordPress.

Last changes#


  • Direct link to download full version in upgrade message.
  • If EULA is not accepted then showing minimal UI.
  • Support for converting 'Code' style to 'code' tag.
  • Updating post after applying all attributes to be compatible with cache plugins.


  • Ajax requests could be blocked by another plugins.
  • Decrypting is not working after changing salts.
  • In batch mode result post's link uses current language instead of post's one.
  • Localization is not reloaded on 'change_locale' event.
  • Media directory without first slash on some sites.
  • Sometimes Ext, Full versions are updated to Base version.
  • Sometimes error in log: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'w:type').
  • Table cells in Google Docs are treated as headers.
  • The activation panel is not visible if the server is unavailable.
  • URL existence checking can fail for some sites.

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