New version 2.5 releasedPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

List numbering styles support and improved stability. See the details below. And you can always see full change log of Post .DOCX Source for WordPress.

Last changes#

New features

  • Clean anchors.


  • Dependency of 'Link to original' image from thumbnail size was removed.
  • List bullets' styles.
  • Paragraphs' indentions.
  • Premium settings are inactive in the extended version.
  • Skipping media files with 0x0 size.
  • Text justification alignment support.


  • Drop cap container attributes aren't applied.
  • Inline comboboxes too short in WP 5.3 or higher.
  • List item's style is applied to children.
  • Paragraph justification alignment.
  • Paragraph's text properties are applied to formula.
  • Paragraphs not marked all as bullets produce an error.
  • Spaces and non ASCII symbols in media file names prevent images to show.
  • Standalone spaces conversion.
  • Tabbed centered string alignment.

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