New version 2.6 releasedPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

Support for new items and improved quality.

Behavior changes

  • Font sizes are now imported by default (can be changed in settings).
  • Tables now import vertical cell alignment.
  • Improved footnotes formatting.

See the details below. And you can always see full change log of Post .DOCX Source for WordPress.

Last changes


  • Behavior changes notification warning.
  • Columns' break support.
  • Font sizes support.
  • Old format numbering lists by are supported.
  • Tab's indent support.
  • Table: Cell vertical alignment support.


  • Footnotes' backlinks are on newline.
  • JS error when process too large documents.
  • JS scripts failed to load on some environment.
  • Lists that broken with additional paragraphs are converted incorrectly.
  • Theme's custom bullets conflict with DOCX custom bullets.

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