Break the system!Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows

Give one Internet connection to many devices for free.

For example, save money while traveling by just sharing one Internet connection with your other devices instead of pay for each one.

It’s possible with free product Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows.


  • Auto configuration

    It auto configures Wi-Fi hotspot just after installation. You are always able to change any settings and auto-configure it again in case of environment change.

  • Various hotspot methods

    It can be chosen from Tethering, Wi-Fi Direct, Hosted Network or Ad-Hoc to achieve the best result.

  • Wi-Fi adapter choosing

    In case of several installed adapters there is a way to choose an appropriate one.

  • Sleep mode support

    It restores hotspot if it was active before sleep mode

  • VPN integration

    Lite VPN integration allows to use it little easier.

  • High Security

    It uses the highest security standard WPA2 for your safety. On Windows® Vista® and lower WEP standard is used.

  • Resources saving

    Special technology has been used while developing this program that uses very small amount of system resources. No additional system services, no big frameworks are used.

  • Legacy support

    This tool is compatible to Microsoft® Windows XP/2003® SP3 and newer versions.

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