post-no-imageKnowledge Base - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
All the known special cases that you may encounter while using Wi-Fi Hotspot product are concentrated here. The full list of cases is in the navigator on the left. Also, there are common knowledge base for all our Windows products.Read More
wi-fi-hotspotNew version 1.1 released - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
Now, automatic configuration fully installs the system environment for your convenience. Hotspot type (method) now can be chosen. Full compatibility from last versions of Windows 10. Also, stability is greatly improved. See below. And you can always see f...Read More
post-no-imageChangelog - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
Improvements. KB: Problem resolving mode. Showing wrong password length in notification. Fixes. WinXP: Crash: sprintf float and double formatting. Download New features. Lite VPN intergation. Turning on disabled Wi-Fi and Shared devices. Improvements. App...Read More
post-no-imageGetting started - Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows
It allows avoiding extra payment with all devices online via share network connection with other devices through creation Wi-Fi access point. Full detailed description is available on Wi-Fi Hotspot page. Note: All detailed information is in the navigation...Read More