post-no-imageFAQ - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
It can be done inside post editor or via direct batch mode. Document consists of paragraphs, images, tables, lists etc. The plugin converts all of them into appropriate HTML content. Title. Excerpt. Slug. Tags. Catego...Read More
post-no-imageGutenberg blocks - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Gutenberg is a new visual post editor for WordPress. The current one (Classic) requires a lot of us to utilize shortcodes and HTML to make things work. Their goal is to make this easier, especially for those just starting with WordPress. They are embra...Read More
post-no-imageImages - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Images also can be auto-uploaded. Its fully processed, if particular options is set. Left, center and right alignment is supported.. Left and right wrapping is supported. Centered is partially due to HTML limitation rathe...Read More
post-no-imageLinked external media - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Linked external media requires folder choosing due to browsers security limitations. Please, choose the folder that contains all needed media files that might be contained in subfolders too. So, the particular files will be got from there automatically...Read More
post-no-imageLists - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Simple numbered and bullets lists are converted. Also, list item sub-content (paragraphs, images, tables, etc.) can be specified by ident it to the particular list item level.. See the sample. It can be fully copied, copied...Read More
post-no-imageSettings - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
There are several options for the plugin. Here you can choose content types to operate, activate the plugin by obtained license key, rate the plugin and view additional information and get support. Chosen content types influence on the visibilit...Read More
post-no-imageRaw HTML - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Raw HTML tags with attributes are supported by mark such content with styles with predefined names. The styles’ properties (color, font, hidden etc) can set to any appropriate values. Text content should be marked with style with name ‘Raw’....Read More
post-no-imageTables - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
Table’s header, cells (with merging), rows with width are supported. Width can be in percent’s or in centimeters. To set header:. To set table, column or cell width:. See the sample.Read More
post-no-imageText - Post .DOCX Source for WordPress
All decorations effects are supported except double strikeout that is converted to simple strikeout.. Coloring are supported and processed if ‘Use text coloring’ option is set. Set this option to import fonts’ sizes.Read More