The first version 1.0 releasedAccelerator for WordPress

We are proud to present you with the first version of our new solution. Now WordPress sites will begin to “breathe freely” and they will delight users, search engines, and their owners with their high speed.

Fastest cache, smart content optimization, and many other features. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

Initial changes#

New features

  • Browser cache.
  • CDN support.
  • Cache lazy refresh.
  • Cache revalidation.
  • File cache engine.
  • Fonts optimization.
  • HTML markup checker.
  • Images lazy loading.
  • Per user cache support.
  • Polylang plugin support.


  • Auto-detect already used lazy loading technique.
  • Behavior changes notification warning.
  • Checkboxes inner select links are now in Combo style.
  • Clearing obsolete cache data.
  • Customizing your own content separators.
  • Disabling WordPress emoji icons.
  • Download Preview and Full bundles by current version.
  • LMS by LifterLMS support.
  • Lazy load: images appearing animation.
  • List items operations animation.
  • Making backups when change .htaccess.
  • Not meeting minimum requirements notifications.
  • Optimization of loading external scripts.
  • Precompress JS, CSS, WebP.
  • Reset settings.
  • Revalidating page's cache after post change.
  • Security: sanitizing input parameters.
  • Storing settings in JSON format to ensure import/export of data.


  • "Key" link after "Order" button is invalid.
  • 'Key' buttons might have background on some themes.
  • AMP: post images aren't shown.
  • Block's help button is shifted to right.
  • CSS optimization: If script content is not changed then inlining is ignored.
  • Cache is not reset if admin changes user depended data.
  • Call to undefined function: wpml_element_type_filter.
  • Characters are stripped from image URLs.
  • Compatibility issues with Polylang plugin.
  • Dirty HTML incorrect parsing.
  • Doesn't fix script without closing tag.
  • Frontend plugin queries are not valid for some sites.
  • In rare cases admin UI is blocked.
  • In the admin panel, the warning 'Undefined index' is shown, if DEBUG mode is enabled.
  • Inline comboboxes too short in WP 5.3 or higher.
  • JS minification.
  • Multiple appearing of Change Version warning.
  • On some systems, script loading fails, resulting in a site loading error.
  • Output on some sites might be broken.
  • PHP 5.4 'empty' operator compatibility.
  • PHP 8: Fatal error on plugin initialization (call_user_func).
  • PHP Compatibility Checker by WPEngine detects issues with PHP 7.3.
  • Save settings result message is blocked by security plugins.
  • Scripts and so on are not counted in statistics.
  • Separator line is invisible under WordPress 5.2 or higher.
  • Settings layout is too wide on some themes.
  • Settings: 'Save changes' button is always in English.
  • Unable to upgrade Extended and Premium version.

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