New version 2.8 releasedAccelerator for WordPress

Usability and default behavior improvements to be more compatible with the most sites. See below. And you can always see full change log of Accelerator for WordPress.

Last changes#

Behavior changes

  • 'Temporary cache not optimized content after forced revalidation' now is enabled by default.
  • Deleting cache instead of revalidating after upgrading to full version.
  • Scripts 'Deep hooks' is now turned off by default for better compatibility.
  • Special scripts separation is now turned off by default to prevent processing bundled packages.

New features

  • Enable system Cron option.
  • Update cache method option when post or taxonomies are changed.


  • 'Delete' is now default cache action in 'Operation'.
  • First click delay option.
  • Option for Cron compensation on cached pages.


  • 'Delete' in the operations by URL doesn't warmup the page.
  • Optimization request test sometimes fails in self-diagnosis.
  • PHP error: call to undefined 'wp_salt' function.
  • Showing settings change notification after settings upgrade.

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