Auto-configureWi-Fi Hotspot for Windows

The product has an important auto-configuring function, which allows you to configure the entire system environment with one click, both when changing adapters, or when there are some malfunctions in the system settings.

To use it, you need to click on the appropriate button, select the necessary parameters if needed (by default, all are selected) and click “OK”. If necessary, after that you can look and check in the settings window all the parameters before applying them. Next, on the main settings window, click “Apply” or “OK”. And the product will apply the new configuration.


Note: The selected auto-tuning options are remembered the next time the window is opened.

Note: Also, if you do not select any of the parameters, then the system will be reconfigured anyway, for example, checking the status of the necessary system services, whether the necessary network adapters are turned on, etc.

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