Change hotspot methodWi-Fi Hotspot for Windows

In most cases, there is no need to do this. By default, the product sets the most appropriate method for a particular operating system version.

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But sometimes it may be necessary to use the specific properties of a particular method. The available methods and their properties are listed below:

  • Tethering
    • Available since Windows 10 version 1607.
    • Allows connecting a maximum of only 8 devices.
    • It can also be controlled through the system settings (but there is no choice of Wi-Fi adapter).
    • It turns off after about 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Wi-Fi Direct
    • Available since Windows 10.
    • Allows connecting a maximum of 128 devices.
    • Sometimes there might be system problems at work.
  • Hosted Network
    • Available since Windows 7 if the Wi-Fi adapter supports it.
    • Allows connecting a maximum of 128 devices.
    • It is possible to adjust the maximum number of connections.
  • Ad Hoc Network
    • Available since Windows XP Sp3.
    • Allows connecting a maximum of 128 devices.
    • There are limitations on use.

Note: If you change the method, but do not save the settings, the method itself will still be changed anyway.

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