Document to post bindingPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

Set this option to bind particular document to associated WordPress post, page or product. It is very useful then content need to be updated time by time. See the picture below.


It helps to prevent from update mistakes when not correct document is chosen for particular content. And, it allows update content from documents in a batch mode.


It can be typed just as post’s ID in case of bind to one site and as sequence of pairs <site>#<post_ID> separated by comma in case of bind to more than one site.




When this option is enabled the plugin checks post ID value in the ‘Subject’ property of the document. If it isn’t set the plugin shows message in the log to enter particular post ID value in the property.

  • In-place edit mode

    In case of in-place edit if the property is set the plugin compare the value with current post ID and if it is not equal it shows error in log and doesn’t do anything to prevent wrong update.

  • Direct\batch mode

    In case of batch mode the plugin use this value to find particular post. If it is not found it shows warning in the log and continue to convert other documents.