How to set categoriesPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

The particular option should be enabled to apply categories. See the picture below.


Categories should be typed as a list separated by comma ‘,’ by names, slugs or ID’s (case insensitive). Because slugs and ID’s are unique in WordPress, so it can be used without pointing parents. However, when names are used they should be typed with all parents that are separated by slash ‘\’.

Note: Only already existed categories can be specified.

Categories can be set in the two sources:

And, it can be chosen by click on link witch source to use (see picture above). There are three modes:

  • Not from ‘categories’

    Extract only from extended attribute.

  • Also from ‘categories’

    Extract from document’s ‘Categories’ property and from extended attribute. Data will be merged.

  • Only from ‘categories’

    Extract only from document’s ‘Categories’ property.