How to set the languagePost .DOCX Source for WordPress

The particular option should be enabled to apply the language. See the picture below.


Language should be typed as ISO 639-1 code with optional country ISO 3166-1 code. E.g. ‘en’, ‘ru’, ‘de’, ‘pt-br’ etc.

Language can be set from the two sources:

  • The filename second extension of the MS Word document. E.g. ‘My document.en.docx’.
  • The extended attribute in the document named ‘language’ or ‘Language’.

And it can be chosen by click on the link which source to use (see picture above). There are three modes:

  • separate attribute

    Extract only from the extended attribute.

  • separate attribute or filename

    Extract from document’s filename or extended attribute. If the last one is set it will be used despite the first one.

  • filename

    Extract only from the document’s filename.

Note: When links to other DOCX documents are used this option should be enabled because documents’ names are always used for it.

Note: This option is shown only when one of the multilanguage plugins is active.

Warning: Only WMPL languages are supported now. Please, write to us if there is a need for another language support.

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