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How to convert a document?#

It can be done inside the post editor or via direct batch mode.

Which document elements are converted?#

The document consists of paragraphs, images, tables, lists, etc. The plugin converts all of them into appropriate HTML content.

How to set post attributes?#

Look here.

How to upload images?#

Images and other media can be automatically uploaded while document converting.

How to upload linked images?#

It is possible if the browser supports directory choosing.

Is blocks editor (Gutenberg) editor supported?#

Yes. It is fully supported via the inline editor and via batch mode.

Is Classic editor still supported?#

Yes. Classic editor is supported from the start of the plugin development. And this feature will stay further until the WordPress team doesn’t depreciate it.

How to prevent some document’s content from converting (‘comment’ it)?#

It can be done by a special MS Word’s review mode.

Is it possible to use native HTML tags?#

Yes. It is available as raw tags and raw attributes.

Are custom fields supported?#

Yes, by setting custom attributes with their names.

How to specify the filename for the embedded image?#

It can be specified by raw HTML attribute ‘filename’ (see the example) for the image or by using the image’s description.

How to separate images or media when uploading multiple documents?#

It can be completed by adding the document’s slug to filenames, or by using a special plugin like this.

Are multilingual sites supported?#

Yes. Language can be specified in the document.

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