How to set or add an attribute in a documentPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

Attributes are used to specify some properties related to WordPress content. E.g. it may be an SEO title, tags, or featured image.

As is mentioned here, the top content of the document (.DOCX) is used for the body. Other document contents that begin with strings marked as Word’s style “Separate Attribute” (it should be created if necessary) or “Title” for Google Docs can be used to set other attributes if the special option is enabled (see the picture below).


Available attributes#

Mark body block as an attribute#

To add or set an attribute, we should type its name in a new string and mark it with Word’s style “Separate Attribute” or “Title” for Google Docs. So, the below content will be automatically applied to that attribute until meeting the next attribute or end of the document. See the picture below.


Mark as an attribute lovely#

The name of the attribute can be typed by using the exact particular attribute name (e.g. tags or seo_title), or it can be typed by any text that we like but it should be bookmarked with a particular attribute name mentioned above. See the picture below.