LinksPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

Links are converted with text and reference. Link’s target is also supported. E.g. in MS Word in ‘HyperLink Editor’ choose ‘Target Frame’ and then choose ‘New window’ to set hyperlink opened in a new browser tab. Also, link attributes can be set via raw HTML attributes.

As is known, links to other pages help to promote page while SEO. So it’s so important to keep all links valid instead of have nonexistent links that will put down our page in user searches.

Link correction

While conversion there are four help modes to process nonexistent links:

  • Underline

    It is used for keep visible in final document that this is a link but page doesn’t exist. The text will be underlined but not acts as link to prevent from SEO’s errors. Additionally, the warning message will appear in the log.

  • Remove

    It just removes nonexistent link and leave only link’s text to prevent from SEO’s errors. The warning message will appear in the log.

  • Check only

    It’s used in cases when there is need only check nonexistent links. So according warning messages can be viewed in the log.

  • Don’t check

    Just skip nonexistent links checking in some reasons. There will be no any warning messages in this case.

Note: If there is a link to another post and the last one is not published the link will be interpreted as nonexistent.

Name and path conversion

To increase value of sourcing web pages from .DOCX files all links to another documents will be converted automatically to web links.

The .DOCX extension will be cut and the name will be adapted by replacing inappropriate symbols (spaces, commas and etc.) by hyphen (dash). For instance, the link “My Sample Document 1.docx” will be transformed to “my-sample-document-1”.

Also all files paths will be converted only to names that will be supposed to be located directly under web page path. E.g. the link “C:\My Documents\My Sample Document 1.docx” will be converted to “../my-sample-document-1”.