BodyPost .DOCX Source for WordPress

The top content of document (.DOCX) is used for post body. The bottom content can be used for other attributes. There is a sample document that demonstrates the most of markup features.

The body can contain standard HTML compatible elements that will be converted to content’s body:

String markup

Additional word or string coloring can be used. E.g. it helps highlight some keywords that will be used in SEO to see what words is used for promotion. While conversion all markups will be avoided if ‘Use text coloring’ option is not set.

Check and downgrade over leveled headers

Any web page with more than one ‘Header 1’ header is considered incorrect, and search engines omit it in the search results. The plugin identifies such situations and fixes (lowers everything rest headers on one level), if «Downgrade overleveled headers» option is set.


Comments can be used e.g. for note something important in original document. While conversion all comments will be avoided.