CDN settingsAccelerator for WordPress

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – geographically distributed network infrastructure that optimizes the delivery and distribution of content to end-users. Its use contributes to an increase in the download speed of users of audio, video, software, game, and other types of content.

CDN settings is an ordered list of CDN servers with different settings. During content optimization, all URLs are processed and the first CDN that matches the order is selected from this list.

Several CDNs allow having better balance and saving money. E.g. one CDN can be used only for JPG, another for PNG, and a third for JS and CSS files.

By default, one element with an empty address is added for the convenience of specifying one server.


Settings for each item:

  • Enabled

    Enables current CDN server. If the address is empty, the current item won’t be used.

  • Address

    Address of CDN server. All internal site addresses that match with below types, inclusion, and exclusion criteria will be prepended with this one. E.g. if the CDN address is and the file’s URL is, then the final URL will be

  • Types

    Only files having these extensions will be adjusted.

  • Includes

    Only files having these strings in their paths will be adjusted.

  • Excludes

    Files having these strings in their paths will not be adjusted.

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