SettingsAccelerator for WordPress

The product is designed as an automatic WordPress optimization engine and it starts working just after installation. Settings mainly are used to fine-tuning and troubleshooting on particular sites. And you can always relay to our support.

If you need to restore the default settings, click “Restore” and run the “Settings Wizard”. Also, if run ‘Settings Wizard’ without restoring, it allows to change only needed parts of settings.

Further is a detailed description of each part.


Settings parts#


    Where do I add my license key?

    1. Admin

      In the settings at the bottom.


        can’t find it, been 2 days n no reply from the support team

        1. Admin


          First you need to download and install the free version of the plugin from our site, and then you can upgrade it to the pro version.
          P.S. Also, we sent U the email message.

    2. Ok Omni

      If you install and activate it via WordPress plugin search it does not have the information you will need. If you download the plugin from the site here it will give you the option to enter your license key.

      1. Admin

        Yes, but doesn’t allow to communicate with external services. But I think we will add license block with the same green download button – hope it will bring more clarification.
        What do U think?

        1. Ok Omni

          Agreed, make it super simple for people that install from WP search

          1. Admin

            Deal, will be implemented in the nearest release. And thank U for noticing that – it is very important.

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