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20 years of IT expertise and more than 3000 hours of work have been invested in the creation of this product. And each day we continue technologies development and quality improvements of the product.


  • Real optimization

    The latest optimization technologies are used. This is not an emulation or cheating. All optimizations are real.

    • Just look at the optimization queue in the product and see how much time is spent on each page.
    • Also, any service for measuring the speed of the site has a set of screenshots of the stages of loading a particular page at the time of the test – you can easily match it with the real content.
    • Finally, in the browser in developer mode (in Chrome opens at F 12) you can see the optimized style files, delayed loading of scripts and lazy loading of images while scrolling the page.
  • Completely free for small sites

    Limits on page impressions up to 5000 per month are good for sites with low traffic and start-up projects.

  • No external services

    The product runs entirely on your hosting. No additional resources are required.

  • Work immediately after installation

    There is no need to configure anything else – the product starts working immediately after installation. After going through a small installation wizard, where the most frequent questions about a specific site configuration are asked, the product begins optimization. Because the product is complex inside, there is a self-test that showing potential problems with the product on the site.

  • Resource Usage Control

    The product strictly uses hosting’s processor according to preset settings. Very relevant for start-level hosting.

  • Compatible with popular plugins, themes, and other technologies

    The list of compatible plugins and themes is constantly extending. Also, it is compatible with other caching technologies such as Redis, NGINX FastCGI cache.

  • Tracking changes on the site

    When the page is changed, the cache is automatically refreshed. The dependent pages are also updated, such as the main page, list of records, archives. This is configurable if needed.

  • Using multiple CDNs

    By setting several servers, you can, for example, share the load on the main hosting and/or save on their tariff. Configurable here.

  • Flexible settings

    If necessary, you can configure various parameters of the product, which allows you to adapt the technology to a specific site.

Optimization technologies#

Our modern proprietary technologies and optimization algorithms make it possible to achieve very high performance.

  1. Vijayan Ramesh

    yeah it is really good i am going to plan to buy premium subscription for this

    1. Admin


  2. Hussein Shaker

    I would highly recommend everyone to use this plugin it’s really awesome my website speed score jump from 62 to 99 Wow!
    also, the technical customer service they respond very fast and solve any problem.

    you are the best.

    1. Admin

      Thank you very much! We do all of our best!

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