What can be improved else or manual fine-tuningAccelerator for WordPress

The product is designed as an automatic WordPress optimization engine and it starts working just after installation. So, default settings are tuned to provide correct behavior on most sites. But the particular site can be improved more.

Lazy load#

Other plugins and themes can have their own lazy loading techniques that can prevent using the product’s lazy loading technology. Our lazyloading method is specially designed to achieve maximum speed and get a maximum PageSpeed score. So it’s recommended to turn off other lazy loadings except for the product’s one.

Scripts’ inactivity delay#

By default, it is set to a quite large value to achieve the best page speed score on most sites including heavy ones. But for many sites, it can be decreased to show faster the content while user’s inactivity.

Scripts grouping#

By default, scripts’ grouping is turned off for compatibility. But grouping improves page loading speed. So, if the site’s scripts are well-organized, just turn it on and check the site behaviors.

Special scripts#

Delaying special or service scripts improves page loading speed. Some scripts do not influence on site’s main visible structure and can be loaded later such as online chat, advertisement, captcha, etc. By default, many scripts have already been added, but maybe some scripts can be added for your site as well.

HTML correction#

Some portions of sites have not well-formatted HTML. This is the reason that HTML correction is turned on by default. But if the site has good code (it can be checked), then this option can be turned off that increases page preparing speed.


Content same parts separation significantly decreases cache size. By default, most used separators have already been added. But the site might have other the same parts that can be separated.

  1. chiang ann

    After trying out (without modifying any plugin’s original settings), the images on the front end of my website are not displaying. So, I deactivated the plugin, but the issue with front-end images not showing still persists. How can I revert to the settings before using your plugin?”

    1. Admin

      Hi. If the issue persists after disabling Accelerator, it means the issue is on the site itself due to Accelerator hooks content “on the fly” only.

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