Different views cache settingsAccelerator for WordPress

The purpose of that settings is to provide correct caching of some environment depended on views such as current language, device type, etc. But excluding user-dependent data that can be tuned in the related setting’s part.



  • Separate by below criterias

    Enables cache separation.

Device types#

List of groups by a set of user-agents.

Settings for each group:

  • Enable

    Enables current group.

  • Name and slug

    Unique group name. This name is used to generate a slug when saving, which is used to name the caching directory and when adding custom styles.


    Only pages’ requests having these strings in their user-agents will be included.


A list of grouped parameters such as arguments and cookies.

Settings for each item:

  • Enable

    Enables current item.

  • Group name

    Unique group name.

  • Cookies

    Only pages’ requests having cookie names that begin with any of the specified strings will be included. If name begins with one of /~@;%`# it is interpreted as regular expression. Also, cookie’s value can be compared by appending name with = or != and exact value (with logical ‘&’ operator as well). E.g. @^wcml_client_currency_language$@ = en & @^wcml_client_currency$@ != EUR.

  • URI arguments

    Only pages’ URLs having arguments that begin with any of the specified strings will be included.

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